The Tubby Horse Company Musicians

The Tubby Horse Company’s journey began by chance and continues with...

Catherine Duguid

Vocals and 12 string acoustic guitar - Originally from the North East of Scotland, Catherine picked up her Dad’s 1950’s Hofner President semi acoustic guitar at age eleven; the guitar has always been an accompaniment for the voice that needs to sing! Her eclectic musical palette is reflected in her own songs, influenced by Pop, Folk, Country and her Scottish roots. Songwriting came as a complete surprise to her in early 2014, since writing “Song for Lew” she hasn’t stopped! Her musical journey has continued on from the release of the two CD albums “Sharing the journey” and “LIFE GOES ON…”, now the band can be heard live performing cover songs, as well Catherine’s original material, thanks to the commitment and talent of Dave and Callum Clement.

Dave Clement

Bass, acoustic, electric guitars and vocals – Dave has been playing guitar for over 30 years and is a songwriter in his own right. He runs Dalkeith Guitar Club, which is where he met Catherine in 2004. Dave teamed up with Catherine in 2014 to play on her first album and became a full time member of the band when it went out on the road to promote the release of the recording.

Callum Clement - until November 2017

Bass, acoustic and electric guitars – Callum is Dave’s son and an accomplished all round musician; he can play many instruments. Callum played bass on the first album and 6 string electric guitar on the second album. He joined the band at the same time as his father and really enjoys playing live.


Guest Musicians

Fiona Farris Guest Musician transparent spacer Andrew Howden Guest Musiciantransparent spacer Pat Brewer Guest Musician transparent spacer Rhona Matthews Guest Musician

Thank you for "Sharing the journey" and remember "LIFE GOES ON..." Catherine signature