Behind the Band and Songs

Catherine Duguid

Catherine's Dad with his Hofner President guitar

The Black Bull, Dalkeith

Catherine and Red

The Tubby Horse Company is the inspired idea of Singer Songwriter Catherine Duguid; the albums are all her own compositions. The debut album “Sharing the journey” was recorded by Catherine involving guest musicians, in 2014.

When deciding on the title of the first album, the process provided the solution; the CD is the idea of one person but creating it was a shared journey. Old friends and new contributed towards creating the really satisfying audio visual experience.

Originally from the North East of Scotland, Catherine has been performing from a very young age. She picked up her Dad’s 1950’s Hofner President semi acoustic guitar at age eleven. The guitar has always been an accompaniment for the voice that needs to sing. Her eclectic musical palette is reflected in her music, although clearly influenced by Pop, Folk, Country and Scottish music.

In 2004 Catherine bought her twelve string electro acoustic Takemine, which she uses to write and features in all her songs. Later that year a chance encounter with Al and Ali in Sandy Bells pub in Edinburgh introduced Catherine to the Dalkeith Guitar Club. She has played at many Open Nights and music festivals in Midlothian since then.

On Hogmanay 2013 whilst playing in the Maysons' bar in Dalkeith, Catherine was asked if she had a CD, this sparked the idea. Soon after, it was suggested by Al in the Black Bull, another Dalkeith bar, that she should write a song for Lew - a recently deceased mutual friend. There was no going back. The master CD of ten original songs was completed on Hogmanay 2014.

Song for Lew is the first song Catherine has ever written. Alan Lewis fixed computers; two years after he died Catherine spotted software on her computer had been licensed to “The Tubby Horse Company”, which must’ve been installed by Lew - it made her smile. When deciding on the name of the band even years later, this was an obvious choice.

Catherine’s songwriting was an inspired idea, she didn’t know she had this means of expression until Al suggested it. Simple, thoughtful lyrics come naturally to her and the tunes are pleasing to the ear, accused of being “far too catchy”!

The second album “LIFE GOES ON…” has been confidently written and produced as a direct result of the very encouraging CD launch gig for “Sharing the journey” in April 2015. The debut album has been consistently well received. Dave and Callum Clement, guest musicians performing on the debut album, have formed the band with Catherine, which is based in the Dalkeith area of Midlothian, Scotland. Guest musicians on the second album include Andrew Howden, Fiona Farris, Pat Brewer and Rhona Matthews. Pat and Rhona perform live with the band when they can.

Behind the Songs: "Sharing the journey"


Skeletons of Metal

Catherine and Deon


Eoiligarry, Barra

Song for Lew - The first song I have ever written, my good friend Al suggested it - I’m glad he did. Alan Lewis was a friend of Al and Ali’s who I met by chance in Sandy Bell’s, Edinburgh in August 2004. Lew was a bloke who drank in the Black Bull, Dalkeith; he was a faithful Heart of Midlothian fan and he loved tinkering with Ford Capris, not to mention computers. He enjoyed stovies, mince and potatoes, which he would enjoy in return for fixing my computer! At his funeral I realised just how much he was respected and loved, also how far travelled he was. He was a true gentleman.

Think twice - A song about confidence.

Natural woman - Advice from one woman to another. I found myself singing the title words whilst in the park - from two words four verses grew. I think of it as a very maternal song, passing on advice and reassurance from one woman to another.

Nick of time - For Tomasz, who came along…I met Tomasz on my street on a late Wednesday evening in April 2008. I was returning home from the stables. I was hungry, tired and fed up after a long day and a hard winter’s routine involving selling my flat, working full time and going to the stables straight after work every night. He saw me with all my bags and wearing “funny” clothing; he thought I looked interesting! We’ve been together ever since. He is my best friend, the most caring and considerate man and yes, he is crazy!

Song for Deon - My oldest best friend, who now lives too far away. We met by chance at a workshop in 1991; he was with Keith, a lad I met when I was sixteen on holiday with the WRVS. Deon had moved up from England to Edinburgh and needed somewhere to live, and as there was space in my rented flat, he moved in and our adventures began! Many hours walking and talking; finding ourselves in ridiculous situations often involving my 1969 Bedford CA Dormobile. Generally we had lots of fun sharing our time together. He was my rock but moved away to find happiness in his own life. We will always be friends.

This story of life - Relationships often start off well then disappoint, but we are all able to survive and turn our stories around.

Skeleton of metal - About an electricity pylon - imagine if it were a man; inspired whilst with my horse one winter’s night.

Star grazing - Inspired by looking up at the stars one night whilst grazing my horse. Growing up, the stars always fascinated me, I would look up and wonder what would become of me - I was so small in comparison to infinity and I felt the challenges I faced in life were so big. It is comforting now that I can look up, with my horse at my side, happily sharing our time together.

Barra song - The words and music came into my head whilst leaving the Isle of Barra on the ferry returning to Oban after Heather and Peter’s wedding in August 2014. It’s a long song; it’s a long ferry journey! I first visited Barra in 1994; I was blown away by the beauty of the place and the friendliness of the local people, I cried on the ferry as I left the island behind. I’ve returned countless times since to relax, explore, play music and socialise.

Yellow roses - Hospital flowers - given and received with feeling. When I was ill in my early twenties I was touched by the kindness of a friend who gave me yellow roses. I still remember how pretty they were. More recently I admired yellow roses given to a hospital patient who was terminally ill. I was told by the ward clerk that they bloomed on the morning the patient died.

17th April '15 Launch gig Sharing the journey!
17th April '15 Launch gig Sharing the journey!

Behind the Songs: "LIFE GOES ON…"

Between the plans - Inspired by various relationship stories I’ve heard over the years. Recently I met a couple who united after knowing each other for over fifty years, both had previously married and had lost their partners. Another woman once shared with me, at age nineteen when about to walk down the aisle, she realised she was about to marry the wrong man!

Lead on - Inspired whilst leading my horse along a riverside track one dark Winter’s evening. The very track featured on the cover of the debut album “Sharing the journey.”

Flowers in the windows - Beautiful window boxes adorn my flat, created by my partner Tomasz every year.

Life goes on - I lost Chess in the Autumn of 2010, I couldn’t speak about my loss for over two years. One subsequent Autumn I experienced unexplained feelings, “echoes” from the past, this inspired the song. She was a very special mare.

Luska - The cat who came into our lives on 1, October 2014 - an unplanned pet and the best surprise ever!

Listen - Some people talk a lot and just don’t listen.

Borders Railway - My tribute to the Scottish Borders where I studied, worked and lived in the 1980’s. I used to cycle from Galashiels to my work in Gattonside along “The Black Path” which is no longer possible due to the “new” Railway! Now living in Dalkeith, when the railway was being rebuilt, I was aware of the Railway Workers - they inspired this song.

'til Death do us part (Peggy and Jimmy’s waltz) - When my granny died at age 100 in May 2015 all the flowers were in bloom in her garden, which she loved. When she was younger she wanted to learn to play the mandolin but was denied the time off her work to go to lessons. She survived my granda by almost 30 years, he died on his 70th birthday. This song is in their memory.

Hope - An uplifting song aiming to inspire anyone feeling hopeless.

Years gone by - Relationships can cool down over time and can create a whole range of dilemmas and emotions.

Driving home - I’m sure a lot of working people will relate to this song!

Spirit of Scotland - As a teenager I was keen to explore the world, after having a look, I soon realised Scotland was my home and always would be.

Duchess  Flowers in the windows  The Tubby Horse Company  'til Death do us part  Luska 
Duchess Flowers in
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The Tubby Horse Company 'til Death do
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